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Judi Evans biography

Judi Evans is an American actress known for her work in soap operas and television series. Here’s an overview of her biography and some of her notable works:

Early Life:
Judi Evans was born on July 12, 1964, in Montebello, California, USA.

Career Highlights:
Judi Evans has had a prominent career in the world of soap operas:

  1. “Guiding Light” (1983-1986): She gained recognition for her role as Beth Raines on the long-running soap opera “Guiding Light.”
  2. “Days of Our Lives” (1986-1991, 2003, 2007-2020): Evans is perhaps best known for her role as Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis on the soap opera “Days of Our Lives.” She played the character on and off for several decades, becoming a beloved figure in the show’s history.
  3. “Another World” (1991-1993): She also appeared as Paulina Cory on the soap opera “Another World.”
  4. “Passions” (2003-2004): Evans had a recurring role as Rebecca Hotchkiss on the soap opera “Passions.”
  5. “The Bay” (2010-present): She played the character Sarah Garrett on the digital soap opera “The Bay.”
  6. Other Television Appearances: Evans has made guest appearances on various television series, including crime dramas and comedies.

Health Struggles:
Judi Evans faced significant health challenges during her career, including a battle with cancer and a serious injury resulting from a horseback riding accident.

Awards and Recognition:
Throughout her career, Evans’ performances in soap operas have earned her acclaim and recognition from soap opera fans and the industry.

Please note that my information is based on data available up to September 2021, and there may have been developments or changes since that time.

Trivia of Judi Evans

Certainly! Here are some interesting trivia and lesser-known facts about Judi Evans:

  1. Pageant Winner: Before her acting career, Judi Evans won the title of Miss Georgia Teen USA in 1978.
  2. Soap Opera Versatility: Evans is known for her versatility in soap operas, having played different characters on multiple shows, including “Guiding Light,” “Days of Our Lives,” “Another World,” and “Passions.”
  3. Dual Roles: On “Days of Our Lives,” Evans portrayed the dual roles of Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis and Bonnie Lockhart. The storyline involving these two characters led to comedic and dramatic moments.
  4. Career Break: In 1997, Evans took a brief break from acting to pursue other interests, but she eventually returned to the world of soap operas.
  5. Survivor: She is a cancer survivor and has been open about her battle with the disease. Her strength and resilience have inspired many.
  6. Equestrian Accident: In 2009, Evans was seriously injured in a horseback riding accident, which left her with several broken bones. She faced a long and challenging recovery process.
  7. Hall of Fame Induction: In 2015, Judi Evans was inducted into the Indie Series Awards Hall of Fame for her contributions to the world of digital drama.
  8. Soap Opera Legacy: Her roles in various soap operas have solidified her place within the soap opera community, and she has a dedicated fan base.
  9. Health Advocate: Evans has used her platform to raise awareness about cancer awareness and treatment options, sharing her personal experiences to offer support to others.
  10. Hobbies: She is known to enjoy horseback riding, a passion that she pursued despite her injury from a riding accident.
  11. “The Bay” Collaboration: Evans has been involved in the digital soap opera “The Bay,” where she portrayed the character Sarah Garrett.

Remember that my information is based on data available up to September 2021, and there may have been developments or changes since that time.

Movies and webseries Judi Evans

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Judi Evans is primarily known for her work in soap operas and television series, and I’m not aware of her significant involvement in movies or web series. Here are some of her notable appearances:

Television Series (Soap Operas):

  1. “Guiding Light” (1983-1986) – Evans played the role of Beth Raines on this long-running soap opera.
  2. “Days of Our Lives” (1986-1991, 2003, 2007-2020) – She is well-known for her role as Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis on this popular soap opera.
  3. “Another World” (1991-1993) – Evans appeared as Paulina Cory on this soap opera.
  4. “Passions” (2003-2004) – She had a recurring role as Rebecca Hotchkiss on this soap opera.
  5. “The Bay” (2010-present) – Evans played Sarah Garrett on this digital soap opera.

Web Series:

As of my last update in September 2021, I do not have information on Judi Evans’ involvement in web series. There may have been developments or new projects in her career since that time.

Keep in mind that my data might not include the most recent developments, and I recommend checking more recent sources to get the latest information about Judi Evans’ work.


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