Kathryn Erbe biography

Kathryn Erbe is an American actress known for her work in film, television, and theater. Here’s an overview of her biography and some of her notable works:

Early Life:
Kathryn Elsbeth Erbe was born on July 5, 1965, in Newton, Massachusetts, USA.

Career Highlights:
Kathryn Erbe has had a diverse career in entertainment:

  1. “Oz” (1998-2003): She gained recognition for her role as Shirley Bellinger in the television series “Oz,” a show set in a maximum-security prison.
  2. “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” (2001-2011): Erbe is best known for her role as Detective Alexandra Eames in this police procedural and crime drama series.
  3. Theater Work: Erbe is an accomplished stage actress and has appeared in various theater productions, including those on and off Broadway.
  4. Film Roles: She has appeared in several films, such as “Stir of Echoes” (1999) and “The Love Guide” (2011).
  5. “Entertainment Weekly” Recognition: Erbe was recognized by Entertainment Weekly as one of the “100 Most Creative People in Entertainment” in 2009.
  6. Voice Acting: She provided the voice for the character Toriel in the video game “Undertale.”

Awards and Recognition:
Kathryn Erbe’s performances have garnered critical acclaim and recognition from audiences and the industry.

Theater Advocacy:
In addition to her acting career, Erbe is an advocate for theater education and has been involved in initiatives supporting arts education.

Please note that my information is based on data available up to September 2021, and there may have been developments or changes since that time.

Trivia of Kathryn Erbe

Certainly! Here are some interesting trivia and lesser-known facts about Kathryn Erbe:

  1. Early Interest in Acting: Kathryn Erbe’s interest in acting began at a young age, and she pursued theater from her school days.
  2. Theater Roots: Before her television and film career, Erbe had a strong background in theater and appeared in numerous stage productions, including those on Broadway and Off-Broadway.
  3. Singing Ability: In addition to her acting talents, Erbe is also a skilled singer and has showcased her vocal abilities in certain theater productions.
  4. “Oz” Connection: Before her iconic role in “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” Erbe starred in the prison drama series “Oz,” where she played a memorable and intense character.
  5. Family Ties: She comes from a family with a connection to the entertainment industry, as her father, Richard Erbe, was a longtime artistic director at a regional theater.
  6. “Law & Order” Legacy: Erbe’s role as Detective Alexandra Eames on “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” is considered one of her most significant and beloved roles, solidifying her place in the “Law & Order” franchise.
  7. Advocacy for the Arts: She has been a vocal advocate for arts education and the importance of theater in schools.
  8. Dynamic Roles: Erbe is known for her versatility in portraying a range of characters, from intense and dramatic roles to more lighthearted and comedic parts.
  9. Sibling Bond: She shares a close bond with her brother, Jonathan Erbe, who is also involved in the entertainment industry.
  10. Stage vs. Screen: Despite her success on television and in film, Erbe has often expressed a strong affection for the stage and the unique energy of live performances.
  11. Work Ethic: Erbe is known for her dedication and commitment to her craft, both in terms of her acting roles and her advocacy efforts.
  12. Influence on Fans: Her performances have resonated with fans, and her portrayal of characters like Detective Eames has left a lasting impact.

Remember that my information is based on data available up to September 2021, and there may have been developments or changes since that time.

Movies and webseries of Kathryn Erbe

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Kathryn Erbe is primarily known for her work in television, film, and theater, and I’m not aware of her significant involvement in web series. Here are some of her notable appearances:


  1. “Stir of Echoes” (1999) – Erbe appeared in this supernatural horror thriller film, starring alongside Kevin Bacon.
  2. “Speaking of Sex” (2001) – She had a role in this comedy film about a couple seeking marital therapy.
  3. “The Love Guide” (2011) – Erbe appeared in this comedy film about a woman who starts a new life after her marriage ends.

Television Series:

  1. “Oz” (1998-2003) – She played the role of Shirley Bellinger in this gritty prison drama series.
  2. “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” (2001-2011) – Kathryn Erbe is widely known for her role as Detective Alexandra Eames on this crime drama series.

Web Series:

As of my last update in September 2021, I do not have information on Kathryn Erbe’s involvement in web series. It’s possible that there may have been developments or new projects in her career since that time.

Keep in mind that my data might not include the most recent developments, and I recommend checking more recent sources to get the latest information about Kathryn Erbe’s work.


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