Louise Dresser biography

Louise Dresser (born Louise Josephine Kerlin; October 5, 1878 – April 24, 1965) was an American actress of stage and screen. She had a successful career spanning both silent and sound eras in the entertainment industry. Dresser is particularly known for her versatile acting skills and her ability to portray a wide range of characters.

She began her career in the theater and gained recognition for her performances on Broadway before transitioning to film. Dresser appeared in numerous silent films and early talkies. One of her most notable roles was as Marthy Owen in the film “Anna Christie” (1930), for which she received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Her performance as Marthy Owen, opposite Greta Garbo and Marie Dressler, showcased her talent and versatility.

Louise Dresser was known for her ability to portray both dramatic and comedic roles with finesse. She had a commanding presence on screen and was often cast in strong and authoritative roles. Dresser’s career spanned several decades, and she left a lasting impact on the entertainment industry.

Throughout her career, Louise Dresser worked alongside many prominent actors and filmmakers of her time. Her contributions to both the theater and film industries have solidified her place as a respected and talented performer in the history of American entertainment.

Trivia of Louise Dresser

Certainly! Here are some trivia tidbits about Louise Dresser:

  1. Stage Name: Louise Dresser’s birth name was Louise Josephine Kerlin. She adopted the stage name “Louise Dresser” during her acting career.
  2. Musical Talents: Dresser was not only an actress but also a talented singer. She showcased her singing abilities in various stage productions and films.
  3. Vaudeville Roots: She began her career in vaudeville and musical theater before transitioning to more serious acting roles in both theater and film.
  4. Academy Award Nomination: Dresser received her only Academy Award nomination for her performance in “Anna Christie” (1930) in the category of Best Actress in a Supporting Role.
  5. Relationship with Marie Dressler: Louise Dresser was often confused with another actress, Marie Dressler, due to their similar last names. They were not related but were close friends and appeared together in films such as “Emma” (1932).
  6. Wide Range of Roles: She had the ability to play a variety of roles, from strong and authoritative characters to vulnerable and sympathetic ones.
  7. Filmography: Louise Dresser appeared in numerous films throughout her career, including silent films and early sound films. Some of her notable films include “The Scarlet Empress” (1934) and “Tugboat Annie” (1933).
  8. Retirement: She retired from acting in the late 1930s and lived out the remainder of her life away from the public eye.
  9. Legacy: While her name might not be as widely recognized today, Louise Dresser made significant contributions to the entertainment industry during her time and left a mark on both stage and screen.
  10. Passing: Louise Dresser passed away on April 24, 1965, at the age of 86.

These trivia points shed light on Louise Dresser’s career, talents, and her impact on the world of entertainment.

Movies and webseries of Louise Dresser

Louise Dresser appeared in a number of films during her career. Here are some of her notable movies:

  1. The Glory of Clementina (1922) – Silent film where Dresser played the title role of Clementina.
  2. Fools of Fashion (1926) – A comedy in which she portrayed Mrs. Elvira Hadley.
  3. The Barker (1928) – Dresser played Carrie Snyder in this drama set in the world of carnival sideshows.
  4. Anna Christie (1930) – She received an Academy Award nomination for her role as Marthy Owen in this film, starring Greta Garbo.
  5. The Eagle and the Hawk (1933) – A drama in which she played Mrs. Lane, alongside Fredric March and Cary Grant.
  6. Emma (1932) – Dresser portrayed the title character in this film where she played a widowed housekeeper.
  7. Tugboat Annie (1933) – She played Minnie, a supporting role, in this comedy-drama.
  8. The Scarlet Empress (1934) – In this historical drama, Dresser portrayed Empress Elizabeth Petrovna of Russia.
  9. Charlie Chan’s Courage (1934) – A mystery film in which she played Mrs. Ives.
  10. The Call of the Wild (1935) – Dresser appeared as Molly, sharing the screen with Clark Gable.
  11. The Flame Within (1935) – She played the role of Mrs. Eastman in this drama.
  12. Tugboat Princess (1936) – A sequel to “Tugboat Annie,” with Dresser reprising her role as Minnie.

These are just a few examples of the movies Louise Dresser appeared in. As for web series, please note that web series as we know them today weren’t common during Louise Dresser’s time (late 19th century to mid-20th century). She was primarily active in the era of silent films and early sound films, and her work was primarily in traditional cinema and theater.


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