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Maggie Grace biography

Maggie Grace is an American actress known for her roles in television and film. Here’s a brief overview of her background and career:

  1. Early Life:
  • Maggie Grace was born on September 21, 1983, in Worthington, Ohio, USA, as Margaret Grace Denig.
  1. Education:
  • She attended Thomas Worthington High School in Ohio and later moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.
  1. Breakthrough Role – “Lost”:
  • Maggie Grace gained widespread recognition for her role as Shannon Rutherford on the television series “Lost” (2004–2006). Her character was a complex and often misunderstood figure on the mysterious island.
  1. Film Career:
  • Following her success on “Lost,” Grace transitioned to film. She appeared in notable movies such as “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” (2011) and “Taken” (2008) alongside Liam Neeson.
  1. “Taken” Franchise:
  • In the action thriller “Taken,” Maggie Grace played the role of Kim Mills, the daughter of Liam Neeson’s character. She reprised this role in the sequels “Taken 2” (2012) and “Taken 3” (2014).
  1. Other Film Credits:
  • Maggie Grace has been part of various films, including “The Hurricane Heist” (2018), “The Choice” (2016), and “The Scent of Rain & Lightning” (2017).
  1. Television Roles:
  • Apart from “Lost,” Maggie Grace has had roles in television series like “Californication” and “The Following.”
  1. Stage Acting:
  • Maggie Grace has also ventured into stage acting. She appeared in a production of “Picnic” at the American Airlines Theatre in 2013.
  1. Advocacy Work:
  • Maggie Grace is involved in various charitable causes. She has worked with organizations such as Stand Up to Cancer and Oxfam International.
  1. Environmental Activism:
    • Grace is an advocate for environmental sustainability. She has been vocal about issues such as climate change and the need for conservation.
  2. Marriage:
    • Maggie Grace got married to Brent Bushnell, the CEO of entertainment company Two Bit Circus, in 2017.
  3. Personal Interests:
    • Outside of acting, Maggie Grace enjoys photography and has shared her passion for it on social media.

Maggie Grace’s career is marked by her versatility as an actress, with notable contributions to both television and film. Her roles in high-profile projects like “Lost” and the “Taken” franchise have solidified her presence in the entertainment industry.

Trivia of Maggie Grace

Certainly! Let’s delve into some trivia about Maggie Grace:

  1. Name Change:
  • Maggie Grace was born as Margaret Grace Denig, but she later adopted the stage name “Maggie Grace.”
  1. Early Passion for Acting:
  • Maggie developed a passion for acting at a young age and moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of her dream, leaving her Ohio hometown.
  1. “Lost” Audition:
  • She auditioned for the role of Shannon Rutherford on “Lost” without any expectations, and her portrayal of the character became a significant part of the show’s early seasons.
  1. Character’s Age Discrepancy:
  • In “Lost,” Maggie Grace played the role of Shannon, a character with an age difference from the actress. This age gap became a notable aspect of her character’s storyline on the show.
  1. Relationship with Liam Neeson:
  • In the “Taken” film series, Maggie Grace portrayed the daughter of Liam Neeson’s character. Despite the intense and action-packed nature of the films, the on-screen relationship between father and daughter became a central emotional element.
  1. Educational Background:
  • Maggie attended Worthington’s Thomas Worthington High School in Ohio before moving to Los Angeles. She prioritized her education while pursuing her acting career.
  1. Charitable Work:
  • Maggie Grace has been actively involved in charitable work. She has supported organizations such as Stand Up to Cancer and Oxfam International.
  1. Environmental Advocacy:
  • As an environmental activist, Maggie Grace has been vocal about environmental issues and climate change. She uses her platform to raise awareness about sustainability.
  1. Stage Experience:
  • In addition to her screen roles, Maggie Grace has showcased her acting skills on stage. Her performance in the play “Picnic” at the American Airlines Theatre is an example of her stage work.
  1. Love for Photography:
    • Maggie Grace has a love for photography and has shared her photographic endeavors on social media platforms. She appreciates the art of capturing moments.
  2. Marriage Venue:
    • Maggie Grace and Brent Bushnell, her husband, got married in 2017 in a unique and unconventional wedding venue—an outdoor ceremony in La Jolla, California.
  3. Global Traveler:
    • Due to her career and advocacy work, Maggie Grace is often on the move and has shared glimpses of her global travels on social media.

These trivia points provide a glimpse into Maggie Grace’s multifaceted life and career, showcasing her versatility as an actress, her advocacy efforts, and personal interests.


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