Margo Harshman biography

Margo Harshman is an American actress born on March 4, 1986, in San Diego, California. She has appeared in various television shows and films. Here are some key points from Margo Harshman’s biography:

  1. Early Life and Education:
  • Margo Harshman was raised in La Costa, California.
  • She attended La Costa Heights Elementary School and later went on to study at the San Diego State University.
  1. Acting Debut:
  • Harshman began her acting career at a young age, making her debut in the film “The Elf Who Didn’t Believe” (1997).
  1. Television Career:
  • Margo Harshman has had numerous television roles. She is perhaps best known for her portrayal of Tawny Dean on the Disney Channel series “Even Stevens,” where she appeared in a recurring role.
  1. Film Appearances:
  • In addition to her television work, Harshman has appeared in various films, including “Sorority Row” (2009) and “Keith” (2008).
  1. Notable Television Roles:
  • Harshman has guest-starred in popular TV shows such as “The Big Bang Theory,” “NCIS,” “Bones,” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”
  1. “The Big Bang Theory”:
  • Margo Harshman had a recurring role as Alex Jensen, a character who works in the comic book store alongside Stuart, in the hit sitcom “The Big Bang Theory.”
  1. Personal Life:
  • Details about Margo Harshman’s personal life are not extensively publicized. She tends to keep her private life away from the spotlight.

Margo Harshman’s career has spanned both television and film, showcasing her versatility as an actress. While she may not be a household name, her contributions to various projects have earned her recognition in the entertainment industry.

Trivia of Margo Harshman

Certainly! Here are some trivia bits about Margo Harshman:

  1. Early Start: Margo Harshman began her acting career at a young age, making her debut in the film “The Elf Who Didn’t Believe” in 1997.
  2. Disney Channel Fame: She gained recognition for her role as Tawny Dean on the Disney Channel series “Even Stevens,” where she portrayed the best friend of Shia LaBeouf’s character.
  3. Educational Background: Harshman studied at San Diego State University, balancing her academic pursuits with her acting career.
  4. Recurring Role on “The Big Bang Theory”: Margo Harshman had a recurring role on the popular sitcom “The Big Bang Theory.” She played Alex Jensen, a character working in Stuart’s comic book store.
  5. Versatile TV Appearances: In addition to her Disney Channel and sitcom roles, Harshman has guest-starred in a variety of TV shows, including crime dramas like “NCIS” and “Bones.”
  6. Film Credits: While she is known for her television work, Harshman has also appeared in films such as “Sorority Row” and “Keith.”
  7. Low-Profile Personal Life: Margo Harshman tends to keep her personal life private, with limited details about her relationships or personal affairs disclosed to the public.
  8. Off-Screen Interests: While specific details about her hobbies might not be widely known, like many actors, Margo Harshman likely has a range of interests outside of her acting career.

These trivia points offer a glimpse into Margo Harshman’s career, early start in the entertainment industry, and some aspects of her personal and professional life.

Movies of Margo Harshman

Margo Harshman has appeared in various films across different genres. Here are some movies featuring Margo Harshman:

  1. “The Elf Who Didn’t Believe” (1997): Harshman made her acting debut in this Christmas-themed film.
  2. “Sorority Row” (2009): A horror film in which Harshman played the character Chugs.
  3. “Keith” (2008): Margo Harshman starred in this romantic drama alongside Jesse McCartney.
  4. “Simon Says” (2006): A horror film in which Harshman had a role alongside Crispin Glover.
  5. “Fired Up!” (2009): A comedy film in which Harshman appeared as Sylvia.
  6. “From Within” (2008): A horror-thriller film featuring Margo Harshman in a supporting role.
  7. “Rise: Blood Hunter” (2007): A supernatural thriller where Harshman had a small role alongside Lucy Liu.

These films showcase Margo Harshman’s versatility as an actress, taking on roles in horror, drama, and comedy genres.

Awards of Margo Harshman

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Margo Harshman has not received major individual awards for her acting performances. While she may not have garnered significant awards, recognition, or nominations on the scale of major industry accolades, it’s important to note that an actor’s contributions are not solely measured by awards.

Margo Harshman has built a career with a variety of roles in both television and film, showcasing her talent and versatility. For the most current information on any awards or honors received by Margo Harshman, it’s advisable to check more recent sources or her official profiles.

Hobbies of Margo Harshman

Details about Margo Harshman’s hobbies are not extensively documented in the public domain. Celebrities often maintain a level of privacy when it comes to their personal lives, and specific information about their hobbies may not be publicly disclosed.

However, individuals, including those in the entertainment industry, often have a range of interests and hobbies outside of their professional careers. These can include activities such as reading, traveling, fitness pursuits, engagement in charitable causes, or involvement in creative arts.

If Margo Harshman has publicly shared information about her hobbies, it would likely be found in interviews, articles, or any autobiographical works she may have been a part of. Otherwise, such details may remain private.


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