Brooklyn Decker is an American model and actress born on April 12, 1987, in Kettering, Ohio, USA. She gained fame as a successful model before transitioning to acting, where she has also achieved recognition for her work in films and television.

As a model, Brooklyn Decker has graced the covers of prominent fashion magazines such as Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Vogue, and GQ. She was featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue multiple times and was named “Rookie of the Year” in 2010.

In addition to her modeling career, Brooklyn Decker ventured into acting and made her feature film debut in the romantic comedy “Just Go with It” (2011), where she starred alongside Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. Her performance garnered positive reviews, and she continued to pursue acting opportunities in both film and television.

Some of her notable film credits include “Battleship” (2012), a science fiction action film, and “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” (2012), a romantic comedy with an ensemble cast.

On television, Brooklyn Decker had recurring roles in popular shows like “The League” and “Grace and Frankie,” where she played Mallory Hanson, one of the main characters’ daughters.

Outside of her acting career, Brooklyn Decker has also been involved in philanthropic endeavors and supported various charitable causes.

Brooklyn Decker’s talent, beauty, and versatility have made her a prominent figure in both the modeling and entertainment industries. Her work as a model and actress has garnered her a dedicated fan base and recognition as a notable talent in the entertainment world.

Trivia of Brooklyn Decker

Certainly! Here are some trivia facts about Brooklyn Decker:

  1. Early Career: Brooklyn Decker was discovered at the age of 16 in a shopping mall in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her discovery led to her rapid rise in the modeling industry.
  2. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover: In 2010, Brooklyn Decker graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which brought her widespread attention and catapulted her modeling career to new heights.
  3. Modeling Success: She was featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for consecutive years from 2006 to 2010.
  4. Tennis Fan: Brooklyn Decker is a passionate tennis fan and has been a frequent spectator at major tennis tournaments. She is married to former professional tennis player Andy Roddick.
  5. Acting Inspiration: Her interest in acting was inspired by her grandmother, who was an actress in the 1950s.
  6. Debut Film Role: Brooklyn Decker’s debut film role was in the romantic comedy “Just Go with It” (2011) alongside Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.
  7. Clothing Line: In 2013, Brooklyn Decker co-founded the clothing line “Finery,” which offers a personalized virtual wardrobe service.
  8. Television Host: In addition to her acting career, she has worked as a television host, including co-hosting the TV series “Lip Sync Battle” alongside LL Cool J.
  9. Charity Work: Brooklyn Decker has been involved in several charitable initiatives and causes, including her support for the USO (United Service Organizations) and the Andy Roddick Foundation.
  10. Named After a City: Her first name “Brooklyn” was inspired by the New York City borough, where her parents conceived her.
  11. Multilingual: Brooklyn Decker can speak German fluently and has often showcased her language skills during interviews.
  12. Family of Nurses: Both of her parents and her sister are nurses, which influenced her growing up and inspired her admiration for the healthcare profession.
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Brooklyn Decker’s diverse talents, philanthropic efforts, and success in both modeling and acting have made her a respected and well-liked figure in the entertainment industry.

Movies and Webseries of Brooklyn Decker

As of my last update in September 2021, here are some of Brooklyn Decker’s notable movies and TV series:


  1. Just Go with It (2011) – In her film debut, Brooklyn Decker played the role of Palmer Dodge, opposite Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, in this romantic comedy.
  2. Battleship (2012) – She appeared as Samantha Shane, the love interest of Taylor Kitsch’s character, in this science fiction action film inspired by the board game.
  3. What to Expect When You’re Expecting (2012) – In this romantic comedy based on the pregnancy guidebook, Brooklyn Decker portrayed Skyler Cooper, an expectant mother.
  4. Stretch (2014) – She had a supporting role as Candace, the wife of a wealthy man, in this action-comedy film directed by Joe Carnahan.
  5. Results (2015) – Brooklyn Decker played Erin, a fitness instructor, in this romantic comedy-drama.
  6. Support the Girls (2018) – She appeared as Janelle in this comedy-drama centered around the employees of a sports bar.
  7. Band Aid (2017) – In this indie film, she played Candice, a friend of the main characters.

Web Series:

  1. Friends with Better Lives (2014) – Brooklyn Decker starred as Jules Talley in this short-lived sitcom about a group of friends at different stages of their lives.
  2. Grace and Frankie (2015-2022) – She had a recurring role as Mallory Hanson, the daughter of Grace (Jane Fonda) and Robert (Martin Sheen), in this popular comedy series on Netflix.
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TV Guest Appearances:

Brooklyn Decker has made guest appearances on various TV shows, including “The League,” “New Girl,” “Grace and Frankie,” and “Royal Pains.”

Please note that there might be more recent projects and appearances by Brooklyn Decker beyond my knowledge cutoff date, so I recommend checking more up-to-date sources for the latest information on her filmography.


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