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Cyriak Harris

Cyriak Harris, known professionally as Cyriak, is a British animator and visual artist known for his surreal and often disturbing animated videos. Here are some key facts about Cyriak Harris:

1. Early Life and Background: Cyriak Harris was born in 1974 in the United Kingdom. Not much information is publicly available about his personal life or upbringing.

2. Animation Style: Cyriak is best known for his unique and highly imaginative animation style. He combines intricate digital manipulation, surreal imagery, and seamless looping to create bizarre and hypnotic visuals.

3. YouTube and Internet Fame: Cyriak gained significant attention and a large following through his YouTube channel. He initially gained popularity with his video "Baa," which featured a surreal and unsettling remix of footage from a public domain agricultural film. Since then, his videos have amassed millions of views and continue to captivate audiences with their strange and otherworldly nature.

4. Freelance Work: In addition to his personal projects, Cyriak has worked as a freelance animator and visual effects artist. He has collaborated with various clients, including music artists and television networks, to create unique and visually striking animated content.

5. Music Videos: Cyriak has directed music videos for several well-known artists. Some notable examples include "Glow" by The Presets and "Atombomb" by The Shoes. His distinct animation style adds a surreal and captivating dimension to these music visuals.

6. Commercial Projects: Cyriak has also worked on commercial projects, creating animated advertisements and promotional materials. His distinct visual style and ability to create attention-grabbing visuals have made him a sought-after animator in the advertising industry.

7. Experimental Short Films: Alongside his animated music videos and YouTube content, Cyriak has created a series of experimental short films. These films often explore themes of transformation, repetition, and the uncanny, and have been showcased at various film festivals and exhibitions.

8. Awards and Recognition: Cyriak's unique talent and contributions to the world of animation have earned him recognition and awards. His work has been nominated for multiple awards, including the BAFTA for Best Short Animation in 2017 for his film "Switch Man."

9. Social Media and Online Presence: Cyriak maintains an active online presence and interacts with his fans through various social media platforms. He often shares updates on his projects, behind-the-scenes insights, and works in progress.

10. Privacy and Pseudonym: Cyriak is known for being relatively private about his personal life and rarely shares personal information or details beyond his work. He prefers to maintain a certain level of anonymity, often using his first name or his pseudonym, Cyriak, for his artistic endeavors.

Cyriak Harris has carved out a niche in the animation world with his distinct and unsettling style, creating animated works that challenge conventional narratives and embrace the bizarre and fantastical. His videos continue to captivate audiences and have garnered a dedicated following of fans fascinated by his surreal creations.

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Certainly! Here are some trivia facts about Cyriak Harris:

1. Early Career: Cyriak began his creative journey as a graphic designer and musician before venturing into animation. He honed his skills in graphic design and music production, which later influenced his unique style of animation.

2. Internet Origins: Cyriak gained his initial following by uploading his early animations to websites like Newgrounds and B3ta. These platforms allowed him to showcase his work to a wider online audience.

3. "Cows & Cows & Cows": One of Cyriak's earliest viral videos is "Cows & Cows & Cows," released in 2010. The video features a surreal and mind-bending visual loop of cows morphing and multiplying, accompanied by a trippy soundtrack. It quickly gained millions of views and established his signature style.

4. Collaborations with Artists: Cyriak has collaborated with various musicians and bands to create animated music videos. Some notable collaborations include his work with Bonobo on the video for "Cirrus" and his collaboration with Flying Lotus on the video for "Putty Boy Strut."

5. Freelance Work for TV and Film: Cyriak has contributed his animation skills to TV shows and films. He has worked on projects for popular television programs like "The Late Late Show with James Corden" and "The IT Crowd," as well as films like "The Last Witch Hunter" starring Vin Diesel.

6. Remixing Internet Memes: Cyriak gained attention for his remixes of internet memes, taking existing viral videos and adding his own surreal and unsettling animations. One example is his remix of the viral video "Charlie Bit My Finger," which he transformed into a bizarre and psychedelic experience.

7. Experimental and Personal Projects: While Cyriak is known for his collaborations and commissioned work, he also creates experimental and personal projects. These projects allow him to explore his artistic vision freely and push the boundaries of animation.

8. "Meow": In 2015, Cyriak released a video titled "Meow," which features an ever-growing army of dancing, morphing, and multiplying cat heads set to a catchy electronic beat. The video became another viral sensation, further establishing his reputation as a creator of surreal and captivating animations.

9. Time-lapse Videos: Cyriak occasionally shares time-lapse videos of his animation process, providing insights into how he creates his intricate and mind-bending visuals. These videos give viewers a glimpse into the detailed work that goes into his animations.

10. Independent Artist: Despite gaining popularity and recognition, Cyriak has remained an independent artist throughout his career. He maintains creative control over his projects and continues to create his distinct brand of animation.

These trivia facts shed light on Cyriak Harris's journey as an animator and artist, showcasing his unconventional approach to animation and his ability to create captivating and mind-bending visuals.