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Joanna Barnes

Joanna Barnes is an American actress and writer known for her work in film, television, and stage. She was born on November 15, 1934, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Barnes gained fame in the 1950s and 1960s, appearing in various popular movies and TV shows. Here's a biography of Joanna Barnes:

Early Life and Education:
Joanna Barnes was born as Joanna Cecilia Barna to a Hungarian immigrant father and an English mother. She grew up in a diverse cultural environment and attended Milton Academy, a prestigious preparatory school in Massachusetts. After high school, she studied acting at the Actors Studio in New York City.

Film and Television Career:
Joanna Barnes began her acting career in the late 1950s, making her film debut in the romantic comedy "Auntie Mame" (1958), starring Rosalind Russell. The film's success helped launch her career, and she quickly became a popular actress of her time.

Notable Roles:
Barnes is best known for her role as the conniving gold-digger, Gloria Upson, in the classic comedy "The Parent Trap" (1961), alongside Hayley Mills and Maureen O'Hara. Her memorable performance in the film solidified her status as a skilled comedic actress.

Other film credits include "Spartacus" (1960) and "The War Wagon" (1967) among others. On television, she appeared in numerous shows, including "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," "Bonanza," and "The Beverly Hillbillies."

Stage Work and Writing:
In addition to her acting career, Joanna Barnes has also worked in theater and authored several books. She wrote "Pastora" (1974), a novel based on her experiences as a cattle rancher's wife in Africa, and "Starting from Scratch" (1988), a memoir about her life and career.

Later Career:
After taking a break from acting to focus on her family and writing, Joanna Barnes returned to the screen in the 1980s and 1990s, making guest appearances on television shows and TV movies.

Personal Life:
Joanna Barnes has been married twice and has two children from her first marriage. She later married Jack Lionel Warner, the son of Warner Bros. co-founder Harry Warner.

Barnes is actively involved in philanthropic work and has supported various charitable organizations over the years.

Joanna Barnes' talent, charm, and versatile performances have left a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. Her contributions to film, television, and literature have solidified her as a respected and accomplished figure in Hollywood.

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Certainly! Here are some trivia facts about Joanna Barnes:

1. Name Change: Joanna Barnes was born as Joanna Cecilia Barna, but she changed her last name to Barnes for her acting career.

2. Early Fame: Joanna Barnes gained early fame in the late 1950s and 1960s, becoming a popular actress known for her comedic roles.

3. Famous Role: Her most famous role is as the cunning and snobbish Gloria Upson in the classic comedy "The Parent Trap" (1961), which remains one of her most iconic performances.

4. Friendship with Hayley Mills: Joanna Barnes formed a close friendship with her co-star Hayley Mills during the filming of "The Parent Trap," and they have remained friends ever since.

5. Writing Career: In addition to acting, Barnes is an accomplished writer and has authored several books, including novels and a memoir.

6. Ranching in Africa: Joanna Barnes and her first husband, Richard Gehman, lived on a cattle ranch in Africa for several years, an experience that inspired her to write the novel "Pastora."

7. The "Spider" Connection: Joanna Barnes played the role of "Spider" in the film "Spartacus" (1960), which was directed by Stanley Kubrick.

8. "The Parent Trap" Reunion: In 1998, Joanna Barnes, along with Hayley Mills, Lindsay Lohan, and other cast members of "The Parent Trap," reunited for a special event at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

9. Acting Legacy: Barnes' acting career has left a lasting legacy, and her performances in classic films continue to be remembered and celebrated by fans.

10. Philanthropy: Joanna Barnes has been involved in various charitable causes, supporting organizations that focus on social and humanitarian issues.

11. Notable Television Roles: Barnes appeared as a guest star in several popular TV shows of the 1960s and 1970s, including "Perry Mason," "Bewitched," and "The Wild Wild West."

12. Hollywood Connection: Joanna Barnes is part of a prominent Hollywood family; her niece is actress Lara Parker, known for her role as Angelique in the television series "Dark Shadows."

Joanna Barnes' talent and contributions to the entertainment industry have made her a beloved figure in Hollywood. Her work in both acting and writing has left a lasting impact on audiences and continues to be appreciated by fans of classic films and television shows.