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Jonti Picking

Jonti Picking, better known by his online pseudonym "Weebl," is a British internet animator and musician. He gained popularity for his animated web series, Flash animations, and comedic songs, which he created and shared on his website and various online platforms.

Here are some key facts about Jonti Picking:

1. Flash Animations: Jonti Picking rose to prominence for his Flash animations, which he created under the moniker "Weebl." These animations often featured humorous and absurd scenarios, quirky characters, and catchy tunes.

2. "Weebl and Bob": One of Picking's most well-known series is "Weebl and Bob," featuring two egg-shaped characters with distinctive voices. The series follows their humorous conversations and misadventures, becoming a staple of internet animation in the early 2000s.

3. Memorable Songs: Picking is also known for creating catchy and humorous songs, often accompanied by animated music videos. Some of his popular tracks include "Badgers," "Kenya," and "Magical Trevor," which gained viral popularity and became internet sensations.

4. Collaboration with Brian May: Jonti Picking collaborated with Queen guitarist Brian May on the song "Scrubbadubbadub," which was released in 2011. The song combined Picking's animated style with May's guitar work, showcasing their unique partnership.

5. YouTube and Online Presence: Picking's animations and songs gained significant popularity on various online platforms, particularly on YouTube. His channel, "Weebl's Stuff," has amassed millions of views and subscribers.

6. Expansion to Other Media: Picking's success in online animation led to the creation of spin-off merchandise, including books, T-shirts, and toys. He also expanded his content to include games and mobile applications.

7. Continued Creative Output: Over the years, Jonti Picking has continued to produce new animations, songs, and creative projects. He has collaborated with other animators and musicians, further expanding his creative reach.

Jonti Picking, or "Weebl," has made a significant impact on internet animation and viral music through his unique animations, humorous songs, and memorable characters. His creative contributions have entertained and amused audiences worldwide.

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Certainly! Here are some trivia facts about Jonti Picking, also known as "Weebl":

1. Early Internet Presence: Jonti Picking began creating Flash animations and sharing them on the internet in the early 2000s when the online animation scene was still developing.

2. "Weebl and Bob" Origins: The characters "Weebl" and "Bob" were originally created as a doodle during a university lecture by Picking. They later became the central characters of his popular web series, "Weebl and Bob."

3. "Badgers" Viral Success: The animated music video "Badgers," featuring repetitive lyrics and a catchy tune, became one of Jonti Picking's most successful and widely recognized creations. It gained significant viral popularity and was even featured in commercials and TV shows.

4. Multiple Online Channels: In addition to his main YouTube channel, "Weebl's Stuff," Jonti Picking has created other online channels, including "Weebl," "MrWeebl," and "WeeblsWorld," where he shares various types of content and animations.

5. "On The Moon": Picking collaborated with Brian May of Queen on the song "On The Moon." The animated music video featured Picking's signature style and showcased May's guitar work.

6. "Adventures of Higglytown": Jonti Picking contributed to the animated children's TV series "The Adventures of Higglytown Heroes" as a storyboard artist.

7. Internet Meme Influence: Some of Jonti Picking's animations, characters, and songs, such as "Magical Trevor" and "Badgers," have become popular internet memes and have been referenced and remixed in various online communities.

8. Animate-a-Grain Campaign: Jonti Picking collaborated with the Weetabix cereal brand on the "Animate-a-Grain" campaign, inviting fans to submit their own cereal-themed animations.

9. Podcast and Twitch: Picking hosts a podcast called "Weeblcast," where he discusses various topics and interviews guests. He also occasionally streams on Twitch, interacting with fans and creating art live.

These trivia facts offer some interesting insights into Jonti Picking's online presence, creative endeavors, collaborations, and the impact of his animations and music in popular culture and internet communities.