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Kubra Khan

Kubra Khan, whose real name is Rabia Khan, is a Pakistani-English actress and model. She was born on September 9, 1993, in London, United Kingdom. Kubra Khan has gained recognition for her work in both the Pakistani and British entertainment industries.

Kubra Khan made her acting debut in the Pakistani film industry with the movie "Na Maloom Afraad" in 2014. She garnered critical acclaim for her performance and quickly established herself as a talented actress.

She has since appeared in several successful Pakistani films, including "Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2," "Parwaaz Hai Junoon," and "The Legend of Maula Jatt." Kubra has portrayed diverse characters and has showcased her versatility as an actress.

In addition to her film career, Kubra Khan has also worked in Pakistani television dramas. She has appeared in popular dramas like "Sang-e-Mar Mar" and "Alif." Her performances in these dramas have been widely praised by audiences and critics alike.

Kubra Khan has also worked as a model and has been associated with various fashion campaigns and photo shoots. Her unique beauty and graceful presence have made her a sought-after personality in the fashion industry.

She is known for her striking features, captivating screen presence, and ability to bring depth and emotion to her characters.

Kubra Khan holds a degree in Biomedical Sciences and has a passion for philanthropy. She has actively supported causes related to education and healthcare.

With her talent, beauty, and growing body of work, Kubra Khan continues to be a prominent figure in the Pakistani entertainment industry, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impact through her performances.

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Certainly! Here are some trivia facts about Kubra Khan:

1. Kubra Khan was born in London, United Kingdom, and grew up in both London and Pakistan.

2. She initially pursued a career in the healthcare field and holds a degree in Biomedical Sciences.

3. Kubra Khan started her career as a model and gained recognition for her appearances in various fashion campaigns and magazine shoots.

4. She made her acting debut in the Pakistani film industry with the movie "Na Maloom Afraad" in 2014, which became a commercial success and established her as a promising actress.

5. Kubra Khan is known for her fluency in multiple languages, including English, Urdu, and Pashto, which has allowed her to work in diverse projects in both Pakistan and the United Kingdom.

6. She has worked with renowned actors and directors in the Pakistani entertainment industry, including Fahad Mustafa, Humayun Saeed, and Nadeem Baig.

7. Kubra Khan has received several award nominations for her performances, including the Lux Style Award for Best Supporting Actress (Film).

8. She has a strong social media presence and regularly interacts with her fans, sharing updates about her projects, personal life, and philanthropic endeavors.

9. Kubra Khan is known for her down-to-earth and friendly personality, which has garnered her a loyal fan following.

10. She has expressed her passion for exploring diverse roles and genres in her acting career and is known for her dedication and hard work.

Please note that these facts are accurate up until my last knowledge update in September 2021, and there may have been additional developments or achievements in Kubra Khan's career since then.