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Moomal Khalid

Moomal Khalid is a Pakistani actress and model. She was born on September 3, 1990, in Karachi, Pakistan. Moomal began her career as a model and gained recognition for her work in the fashion industry. She participated in various fashion shows and photo shoots, becoming a prominent face in the Pakistani modeling scene.

In 2008, Moomal Khalid made her acting debut with the drama serial "Khudgharz." Her performance in the serial received positive feedback, and she went on to appear in several popular television dramas, including "Anokha Ladla," "Tum Yaad Aaye," and "Piya Ka Ghar Pyara Lagay."

Known for her versatility, Moomal Khalid portrayed a variety of characters, ranging from serious to comedic roles. Her acting skills and on-screen presence gained her a dedicated fan following.

Aside from her acting career, Moomal Khalid has also been involved in philanthropic activities. She has participated in charitable events and campaigns aimed at supporting causes like education and healthcare.

Moomal Khalid maintains an active presence on social media platforms, where she shares updates about her work, fashion, and personal life with her followers. She continues to work in the Pakistani entertainment industry, showcasing her talent and contributing to the growth of the industry.

Personal Information

Here are some trivia facts about Moomal Khalid:

1. Early Career: Moomal Khalid started her career as a model at a young age and gained recognition for her work in the fashion industry before transitioning to acting.

2. Acting Breakthrough: Moomal Khalid gained significant popularity and recognition for her role as Sumbul in the drama serial "Anokha Ladla." Her portrayal of the character received critical acclaim and earned her a strong fan base.

3. Collaboration with Other Actors: Moomal Khalid has worked with various renowned actors in the Pakistani entertainment industry, including Danish Taimoor, Noman Habib, and Mohsin Abbas Haider, among others.

4. Social Media Presence: Moomal Khalid is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, where she shares glimpses of her professional and personal life with her followers.

5. Philanthropic Activities: Moomal Khalid has actively participated in philanthropic endeavors and has supported charitable causes. She has been involved in campaigns focused on education, healthcare, and social welfare.

6. Television Appearances: Moomal Khalid has appeared in several popular Pakistani television dramas, including "Tum Yaad Aaye," "Mehram," "Lamhay," and "Piya Ka Ghar Pyara Lagay."

7. Fashion Sense: Known for her style and fashion sense, Moomal Khalid has been featured in various fashion shoots and has walked the ramp for renowned fashion designers.

8. Fitness Enthusiast: Moomal Khalid maintains a healthy lifestyle and is passionate about fitness. She often shares her workout routines and fitness tips on social media.

9. Family Background: Moomal Khalid comes from a family with ties to the entertainment industry. Her brother, Rayyan Khalid, is a film director and producer in Pakistan.

These trivia facts provide some insights into Moomal Khalid's career, interests, and involvement in philanthropy, showcasing her journey in the Pakistani entertainment industry.