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Nirma, whose full name is Nirma Rafiq, is a Pakistani film actress and model. She gained popularity in the 1990s and became one of the leading actresses of her time. However, please note that the available information about Nirma is limited, and her public presence has been relatively low in recent years. Here's some general information about Nirma:

Nirma started her career as a model and gained attention for her beauty and charm. She made her acting debut in the Pakistani film industry in the 1990s. Nirma appeared in numerous successful films, predominantly in Punjabi cinema. She gained recognition for her performances in romantic and comedy films.

Some of Nirma's notable films include "Saranga," "Nikah," "Jeeva," and "Aandhi" among others. She worked with popular actors and directors of her time and developed a significant fan following.

Nirma was known for her on-screen chemistry with actor Saud, and the duo became a popular pairing in Pakistani cinema. They worked together in several successful films, captivating audiences with their performances.

In addition to her acting career, Nirma also appeared in music videos and performed in stage shows. Her lively stage performances added to her popularity as an entertainer.

After achieving success in the film industry, Nirma took a break from acting and has had a relatively low profile in recent years. She has focused on her personal life and family.

Nirma's personal life has been a subject of interest among her fans. She got married to actor and director Mustafa Ali in 2003, and they have a daughter together.

Overall, Nirma's talent, beauty, and contributions to Pakistani cinema during the 1990s have left an impression on the industry. Although she may not be actively involved in the entertainment industry at present, she continues to be remembered as a prominent actress of her time.

Personal Information

Here are some trivia facts about Nirma:

1. Stage Name: Nirma's real name is Nirma Rafiq, but she adopted "Nirma" as her stage name when she entered the entertainment industry.

2. Breakthrough Film: Nirma gained significant recognition and success with the film "Saranga" (1992). Her performance in the film established her as a leading actress and earned her critical acclaim.

3. Popular On-Screen Pairing: Nirma and actor Saud formed a popular on-screen pairing in Pakistani cinema. They appeared together in several successful films and became a beloved duo among audiences.

4. Dance Performances: Nirma was known for her energetic dance performances in films. Her graceful and captivating dance moves became one of her trademarks and added to her appeal as an actress.

5. Music Videos: Apart from acting in films, Nirma also appeared in music videos for popular Pakistani songs. Her presence in music videos further increased her popularity among fans.

6. Stage Shows: Nirma performed in various stage shows, entertaining audiences with her lively stage presence and performances.

7. Break from the Industry: Nirma took a break from the entertainment industry after achieving success in the 1990s. She shifted her focus to her personal life and family.

8. Limited Recent Public Presence: In recent years, Nirma's public presence has been relatively low, and she has maintained a private life away from the media spotlight.

9. Social Work: Nirma has been involved in philanthropic activities and has supported charitable causes, particularly related to education and healthcare.

10. Family Life: Nirma got married to actor and director Mustafa Ali in 2003, and they have a daughter together. She prioritizes her family life and has dedicated time to her role as a wife and mother.

These trivia facts provide insights into Nirma's career, popular on-screen pairing, dance performances, and her personal life. She remains an admired figure in Pakistani cinema for her contributions during the 1990s.