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Odette Annable

Odette Annable, formerly known as Odette Yustman, is an American actress. She was born on May 10, 1985, in Los Angeles, California. Annable has appeared in various television shows and films, showcasing her talent and versatility as an actress.

Annable's acting career began in the mid-2000s with guest roles in television shows such as "Monk," "South Beach," and "CSI: NY." She gained wider recognition for her portrayal of Ari Caldwell in the series "October Road" (2007-2008) and as Dr. Jessica Adams in the medical drama series "House" (2011-2012).

In addition to her television work, Annable has appeared in several films. She starred in the horror movie "Cloverfield" (2008) and had prominent roles in romantic comedies like "You Again" (2010) and "The Unborn" (2009). Annable has also appeared in other genres, including action films like "The Double" (2011) and science fiction thrillers like "The Truth About Lies" (2017).

Annable has been known for her striking looks and has been featured in several magazines, including Maxim and GQ. In 2010, she was listed on Maxim's Hot 100 list.

Outside of her acting career, Annable is passionate about philanthropy. She has been involved with organizations such as Stand Up To Cancer and the Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

In personal life, Annable married actor Dave Annable in 2010. They have a daughter together. In 2019, Annable announced that she would be using her birth name, Odette Annable, both professionally and personally.

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Certainly! Here are some trivia facts about Odette Annable:

1. Odette Annable was born Odette Juliette Yustman and began using the last name "Annable" after her marriage to actor Dave Annable in 2010.

2. She made her acting debut at the age of five in the film "Kindergarten Cop" (1990), where she played a small role.

3. Annable is fluent in Spanish. She grew up speaking both English and Spanish at home.

4. She auditioned for the role of Wonder Woman in the film "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" (2016), but the role ultimately went to Gal Gadot.

5. Annable played the character Reign, a Kryptonian Worldkiller, in the third season of the superhero series "Supergirl" (2017-2018).

6. She has made appearances on popular television shows such as "Two and a Half Men," "The Astronaut Wives Club," and "Banshee."

7. Annable has been involved in charitable work and has supported organizations such as Stand Up To Cancer, which aims to raise funds for cancer research and treatment.

8. She has been featured in various magazines, including Maxim, where she was named one of the Hot 100 in 2010.

9. Annable is active on social media and frequently shares updates and glimpses into her personal life with her fans.

10. In addition to acting, Annable has expressed an interest in producing and directing in the future.

Please note that while these trivia facts are based on information available up until September 2021, there may be additional developments or trivia about Odette Annable that have occurred since then.