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That Vegan Teacher

Kadie Karen Diekmeyer is an elementary school teacher and vegan advocate. Otherwise known as Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, That Vegan Teacher is an elementary school teacher and vegan advocate. She posts educational videos on activism and veganism on social media, garnering millions of like. It was her video titled Eating Animals is Wrong, McDonald's! that helped her rise to fame. Prior to becoming an elementary school teacher, That Vegan Teacher had been working as a registered nurse. She joined the YouTube community with her channel titled That Vegan Teacher on July 21, 2018. The same day, she uploaded her first video to the channel which was titled The Carrot and Hummus Rap. As of early February 2021, a few of the most popular videos on her YouTube channel were About Tommy Innit and his insane fans., Nothing Dazzling About Daz Games, Yes, We’re Vegan Kids!, We Demand An Animal Bill of Rights! – With On-screen Lyrics, and Eating Animals Is Wrong, McDonald’s. She can play the guitar very well. That Vegan Teacher has a dog named Bella. She and fellow content creator John Robert Bell were in a feud with one another in the past. That Vegan Teacher once claimed to have gone to prison.
In February 2021, her TikTok account that vegan teacher was banned due to multiple community guidelines violations. Despite That Vegan Teacher’s popularity – some of her content has stirred controversy online. Most of the criticism comes from Diekmeyer’s comparison of animal agriculture to the Holocaust – as well as her use of terms such as ‘meat is murder. Earlier this year, she came under fire for arguing that ‘coming out as a vegan is ‘more special’ than coming out as gay. “Coming out as a vegan animal rights activist, as someone who cares beyond themself, is much more special than it is to come out as a member of the LGBTQ community,” she said. “Coming out as a member of the LGBTQ community is an entirely selfish act. It’s talking about you only. It’s not talking about the things you’re going to do to better the world.” More recently, TikTok banned That Vegan Teacher for ‘violating community guidelines. The move followed a petition urging the social media platform to delete the activist’s account. It has garnered more than 20,000 signatures at the time of writing. “Being a Vegan or Vegetarian is a healthful lifestyle that is a choice for some people,” the petition reads. “However it isn’t always the best option medically or financially. The Creator known as That Vegan Teacher has violated multiple community guidelines in various videos, duets, and sounds. “She’s a former certificated educator however has no background in veterinary nor human medicine. She has made blatantly racist, bigoted, discriminatory statements against anyone who doesn’t view veganism her way and her way alone. “She has promoted multiple films that are dangerous to children given TikTok 13 yr old age requirement and many children under that age access it on a daily basis. These videos show violent depictions of animal slaughter in graphic detail. “Her targets have included minors under 18, the LGBTQ+ Community, Persons with disabilities, people of the black community, various religions and more. Multiple reports have been made against her content yet her platform remains active.”

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Birth Sign
52 Kg
5 ft 5 in
Date of Birth
September 24, 1964
Montreal, Canada
Mother Name
Rita Vegana
Marital Status
She went viral with a video titled "Eating Animals is Wrong, McDonalds!"