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Zach Hadel

Zach Hadel, also known as Zach Hadel or PsychicPebbles, is an American animator, voice actor, and internet personality. Here's a brief biography of Zach Hadel:

1. Early Life and Background: Zach Hadel was born on June 13, 1990, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. He developed a passion for animation from a young age and began creating his own animated content.

2. YouTube Career: Zach gained prominence through his YouTube channel, "PsychicPebbles," which he started in 2011. He gained a substantial following for his comedic animations, parodies, and skits.

3. Hellbenders and SleepyCabin: Zach co-created the animated web series "Hellbenders" along with his friend Chris O'Neill (OneyNG). The series, known for its irreverent humor and unique animation style, gained a dedicated fanbase. Zach was also a member of the SleepyCabin podcast, where he and other animators discussed various topics.

4. Voice Acting and Collaborations: Zach has provided voice acting for several projects, including the popular adult animated series "Rick and Morty," where he voiced characters such as Terryfold and Dr. Xenon Bloom. He has also collaborated with other animators and content creators on YouTube, including the Newgrounds community.

5. Animation Style: Zach is known for his distinct animation style characterized by exaggerated movements, unique character designs, and comedic timing. His animations often feature dark humor, absurd situations, and rapid-fire dialogue.

6. Independent Animation Projects: In addition to his work on YouTube, Zach has created independent animated shorts and projects. He has showcased his skills as both an animator and a storyteller in these endeavors.

7. Artistic Skills: Zach is not only a talented animator but also an accomplished artist. He often shares his artwork on social media platforms, showcasing his versatility and creativity beyond animation.

8. Newgrounds and Internet Animation Community: Zach is part of the internet animation community, particularly associated with the platform Newgrounds. He has contributed to the vibrant community by sharing his animations and engaging with fellow creators.

9. Twitch Streaming: Zach occasionally streams on Twitch, where he interacts with his audience, plays video games, and sometimes works on his animations live.

10. Humorous and Satirical Content: Zach's animations and comedy often embrace satire and parody, providing a unique and irreverent perspective on various topics and pop culture references.

These points provide a glimpse into Zach Hadel's career as an animator, voice actor, and internet personality. His contributions to the animation community and his distinctive style have garnered him a dedicated following.

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Certainly! Here are some trivia facts about Zach Hadel:

1. Name Origin: The online alias "PsychicPebbles" was inspired by a real-life incident where Zach found a pebble on the ground and jokingly claimed to have psychic powers. The name stuck and became his online persona.

2. Flash Animation Background: Zach honed his animation skills using Adobe Flash, a popular software for creating 2D animations. Many of his early works were created using this software.

3. Collaborations with Egoraptor: Zach has collaborated with Arin Hanson, also known as Egoraptor, on several projects. They have worked together on animations, game parodies, and the web series "Hellbenders."

4. Influences: Zach has cited animators such as John Kricfalusi (creator of "Ren & Stimpy") and Don Hertzfeldt (known for his indie animations) as major influences on his work.

5. Animated Music Videos: Zach has created animated music videos for various musicians and bands, including a video for the song "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" by Lemon Demon, which became a viral hit.

6. Stand-Up Comedy: In addition to his animation work, Zach has performed stand-up comedy at various venues. He incorporates his unique humor and storytelling abilities into his live performances.

7. Newgrounds Awards: Zach's animations have been recognized in the annual Newgrounds Awards. His works have won awards in categories such as Best Animation and Best Comedy Animation.

8. "Johnny Utah" Alias: Zach sometimes uses the alias "Johnny Utah" when contributing to collaborative animations or when credited for his voice acting roles.

9. Podcast Appearances: Zach has made appearances on popular podcasts such as "The H3 Podcast" and "SleepyCast." These appearances have allowed fans to learn more about his creative process and personal experiences.

10. Supporter of Independent Animation: Zach is a strong advocate for independent animation and has expressed his appreciation for the creative freedom and unique voices found within the online animation community.

These trivia facts shed light on some interesting aspects of Zach Hadel's career and personal life. His contributions to the animation world, collaborations, and distinct sense of humor have made him a beloved figure among fans of internet animation.