Eric Wakeham

Eric Wakeham

5'7" (170 cm)
June 7, 2001

Eric Wakeham is one of the best known TikTok stars, his journey to fame was preceded by a very personal journey of coming to terms with his sexuality. After going through several tiresome years trying to find and assert his sexual identity, he came out as a transgender female to male in the summer of 2016.

Eric Wakeham is a Scottish social media star best known for his videos on his TikTok profile where he has over 3.7 million followers. He is also popular on Instagram, with 177K followers, and has a YouTube channel with about 100K subscribers. He often resorted to talking to the camera in his alone time, which eventually led to him posting videos on the short video sharing site, which is now known as TikTok.

Eric Wakeham lip-synced to music by Lil Xan.

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