Lexi Rivera

Lexi Rivera

June 7, 2001
Huntington Beach, CA

Lexi Rivera is a TikTok star, Youtuber, actress, and social media star famous for her Youtube channel and TikTok account.

Brent has two brothers named Brice and Black and a sister, Lexi. His mother’s name is Laura Marie Paternoster and his father’s name is John Rivera. The actor shares a close bond with his mother. Sister of social media and web video star Brent Rivera who is a social media sensation in her own right. She has over 20 million fans on TikTok and more than 8 million followers on Instagram.

Alexa Brooke Rivera (born: June 7, 2001, also known as Lexi Rivera, is an American YouTube vlogger, Actress, Gymnast and social media influencer. She often collaborates with Brent and other popular creators like Pierson Wodzynski and Andrew Davila on video content. She also often features her mother in videos where she pulls pranks to get a comedic reaction from her.

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