Metal Lords

Metal Lords

April 8, 2022

The actors aren’t musicians in real life. Luckily for the actors, they had a pretty authentic coach — Tom Morello, the guitarist of the metal band Rage Against the Machine, acted as the chief metal counsellor.

Tom Morello, Ramin Djawadi

Peter Sollett

D. B. Weiss, Greg Shapiro

Executive producers: D. B. Weiss, David Benioff, Bernadette Caulfield, Robin Fisichella

D.B. Weiss


Adrian Greensmith
Hunter Sylvester

Isis Hainsworth

Jaeden Martell
Kevin Schlieb

Noah Urrea
Clay Moss

Brett Gelman
Dr. Sylvester

Teddy Van Ee

Joe Manganiello
Dr. Troy Nix

Michelle Fang
Lisa Randall

Tom Morello

Analesa Fisher
Kendall Sarn

Katie McCabe

Ella DeVito

Sufe Bradshaw
Dean Swanson

Scott Ian

Rob Halford

Katie O’Grady
Laurie Schleib

Kirk Hammett

Christian Pereira

Jalon Howard

Rachel Pate
Mlle. Johnson

For teenage misfits Hunter and Kevin, the path to glory are clear: devote themselves to metal, win Battle of the Bands, and be worshipped like gods. “Metal Lords” is disappointingly formulaic, but Hunter’s restless energy keeps the picture lively, all the way up to its cathartic musical finale. The film may be cinematic comfort food, but its creators do earn our trust and nail all the essential beats they need to along the way.

Metal Lords: Every Real Life Musician & Rockstar Cameo Explained
Scott Ian – Anthrax.
Tom Morello – Rage Against the Machine.
Kirk Hammett – Metallica.
Rob Halford – Judas Priest.

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