Peter Parker (Earth-616)

Peter Parker (Earth-616)

Spider-Man by Stan Lee Steve Ditko

Stan Lee, Steve Ditko

Spiderman 2
Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man: No Way Home

Tobey Maguire
Peter Benjamin Parker

Amazing Bag-Man, Black Marvel, Bombastic Bag-Man, Captain Universe, Dusk, Hornet, The Liar, Man-Spider, Masked Marvel, Prodigy, Ricochet, Spider-Hulk, Spider-Lizard

Editorial Names:
Savage Spider-Man, Spine-Tingling Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man; formerly Superior Spider-Man, Sensational Spider-Man, Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man, Avenging Spider-Man, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Super Spider-Man, Astonishing Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man, The Amazing Gliding Spider-Man, Arachnid, Boy Scout, Bug, Bug-Boy, Bug-Man, Bug Man, Captain Klutz, Devil Man, Friendly Neighborhood Doc Ock, Friendly Neighborhood Hardcase, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Vamp, Fly-Guy, Insect, Junior, Mantis-Boy, Midtown High’s Only Professional Wallflower, Neighborly Friendly Spider-Man, O.G. Spider-Man, Panty-Waist Parker, Parkman, Pete, Petey, ‘Pidey, Professor S, Professor Serious Brain, Puny Parker, Red Demon, Rubber Band Guy, Scoopy, S-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man, Spider-Boy, Spider-Cicle, Spider-Coward, Spider-Demon, Spider Devil, Spider-Fool, Spider-Fraud, Spider-Hopper, Spider-Kang-Man, Spider-Mariner, Spider-Morphosis, Spider-Pal, Spider-Pest, Spider-President, Spider-X-Man, Spidey, Spidey II, Superior Spider-Man, Tiger, Unca Spidey, Wall-Crawler, Wallcrawler, Web-Boy, Web-Butt, Web Crawler, Webhead, Web-Slinger, Web Spinner, Web-Spinner

Ant-Man, Ben Reilly, Challenger, Daredevil, Deadpool, Doctor Octopus, Flash Thompson, Jamie Madrox, Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel, Punisher, Scarlet Spider, Superior Spider-Man, Wolverine

Other Aliases:
Ben Parker MD, Champion of Life, Fred, Green Hood, Harvey The Wonder Hamster, Iron Spider, Jay Jameson, Joe Piscopo, John Doe, Johnny Parker, Legacy Spider-Man, Leo DiCaprio, Luke Skywalker, Mad Dog , Mister Porker /Porter /Palmer /Parkins /Parsons /Pearson, Mr. Cartwright, Mr. Jameson, Mr. Man, Mr. Simmons, Mud, Parker Peterson, Paul, Pekar, Peter Morgan, Peter Palmer, Peter Parkinson, Peter Perkins, Spidaman Spider, Spiderman, Spider-Man of Neighborhood Number , Spider-Phoenix, Spider-Tracer Killer

As Peter Parker:
Empire State University; formerly TNM, The Daily Bugle (formerly Front Line) Uncle Ben Foundation, Parker Industries (CEO), Horizon Labs, Parker Technologies, The DB! (formerly Daily Bugle), Daily Globe, Tricorp Research

As Spider-Man:
New Fantastic Four; formerly Darkhold Defiled, TNM, Kang Club, Jotunheim Strikeforce, partner of Deadpool, Web-Warriors, League of Realms, Spider-Army Resistance, Inklings, Avengers, Parker Industries, Avengers Unity Division, X-Men (Jean Grey School member), Special Class (teacher), Mighty Avengers (Cage), Future Foundation, Heroes for Hire (Knight & Wing), New Avengers, Marvel Knights, Fantastic Four, Secret Avengers (Civil War), Superhuman Task Force (Pro-Registration Super heroes), Outlaws, Brooklyn Avengers, Secret Defenders, Galactic Alliance of Spider-Men, The Mighty, Spider Society, mentor to Misfits, Frightful Four (hypnotized into joining), Inner Demons (Triads) (corrupted by Mister Negative), partner of Eddie Brock (Venom), Ben Reilly (Scarlet Spider), Kaine (Scarlet Spider), Alpha, Virtue, Black Cat, Silk, host of the Uni Power, Avatar of the Great Weaver, former receptacle of The Other

Peter Parker I (paternal grandfather, presumed deceased);
Ann Parker (paternal grandmother, presumed deceased);
William Fitzpatrick (maternal grandfather, deceased)

Richard Parker (father, deceased);
Mary Parker (mother, deceased)

Teresa Parker (alleged sister)

Mary Jane Watson-Parker (wife prior to excision of any trace of marriage; now ex-fiancée)

May Parker (daughter, deceased);
Master Matrix (“son”)

Other Relatives:
Uncles and Aunts:
Ben Parker (uncle, deceased);
May Parker-Jameson (aunt);
Jay Jameson (step-uncle, deceased)

Alexa Brehe (cousin);
Amy Brehe (cousin);
Amanda Brehe (cousin);
J. Jonah Jameson (step-cousin)

Philip Watson (father-in-law prior to excision);
Madeline Watson (mother-in-law prior to excision, deceased);
Gayle Watson-Byrnes (sister-in-law prior to excision)

Normie Osborn (godson)

Kaine (clone / “brother”);
Spidercide (clone);
Guardian (clone, deceased);
Jack (clone, deceased);
Ben Reilly (clone / “brother”);
Spider-Amoeba (partial clone, deceased);
Doppelganger (doppelganger):
Spider-Skeleton (clone, deceased);
Spider-Clones (clones, deceased);
Jacks (clones);
Itsy Bitsy (partial clone / “daughter”);
Otto Octavius 2.0 (mind-clone, deceased);
Otto Octavius (former partial clone by Proto Clone);
Spider-Man (duplicate / half mutated, fused)

Venom (former symbiote);
Unnamed corrupted symbiote (former symbiote);
Unnamed benevolent symbiote (former symbiote);
Mania (former symbiote)

Human mutate; Radioactive Spider bite during a science experiment endowed proportionate capabilities of an arachnid. A mugger he could have stopped went on to kill Uncle Ben.
Queens, New York City, New York
Amazing Fantasy #15 (June, 1962)

Peter Parker’s life changes when he is bitten by a genetically altered spider and gains superpowers. He uses his powers to help people and finds himself facing the Green Goblin, an evil maniac. Spider-Man is a 2002 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Peter Benjamin Parker was born in Queens to CIA agents Richard and Mary Parker, who was killed by the Red Skull and framed for treason during a mission.

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