Stephen Strange

Stephen Strange

Black, Grey-haired streaks
Marvel Comics

Stan Lee, Steve Ditko


Avengers (reserve), Strange Academy, Savage Avengers (leader)
Formerly: Defenders, Infinity Watch (leader), Black Priests (leader), Illuminati, Avengers of the Supernatural, New Avengers, Midnight Sons, The Order, Secret Defenders, Marvel’s Medics, Ancient One’s disciple, The Mighty, Black Priests, former mentor of Casey Kinmont, Jack Holyoak, Topaz, Augustyne Phyffe, Kyllian

Benedict Cumberbatch
Doctor Stephen Strange
Doctor Strange

Editorial Names: Doctor Strange: Master of the Mystic Arts, Dr. Strange
Other Aliases: Black Priest, Cape Man, Captain Universe, Doc, Doc Dollars, Dr. Sparkles, Doctor Vague, Dr. Whatisname, Dumb Magician, the Eye, Iron Mage, Master of Black Magic, Red Rajah, Sheriff Strange, Sherlock, Sorcerer Supreme, Stephen Sanders, Steven/Steve, Steverino, Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts, Vincent Stevens, Wizard

Eunice (great-grandmother)

Eugene Strange (father, deceased);
Beverly Strange (mother, deceased)

Victor Strange (Khiron) (brother, apparently deceased);
Donna Strange (sister, deceased)

Clea (wife, estranged)
Other Relatives:
Umar (mother-in-law);
Orini (father-in-law);
Dormammu (uncle-in-law);

Mister Misery (creation, deceased)

6 feet
180 lbs
Human magician, trained in mystical arts by the Ancient One; formerly attained godhood
No Dual
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Strange Tales #110 (April 1963) Death of Doctor Strange #5 (January 2022)

A Master of the Mystic Arts, Doctor Strange has phenomenally powerful magical abilities that enable him to skillfully conjure myriad spells. Strange has been able to use his spells to bind opponents and create complex shields and barriers, among many other uses for both defence and attack.

Dr. Strange Biography

Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange, M.D., PhD is the former Sorcerer Supreme and Master of the Mystic Arts. Doctor Stephen Strange is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by Steve Ditko with Stan Lee, the character first appeared in Strange Tales #110 (cover-dated July 1963). Doctor Strange serves as the Sorcerer Supreme, the primary protector of Earth against magical and mystical threats. Strange was created during the Silver Age of Comic Books to bring a different kind of character and themes of mysticism to Marvel Comics.

Abilities of Dr. Strange

  • Mastery of magic
  • Utilizes mystical artifacts, such as the Cloak of Levitation and the Eye of Agamotto
  • Genius-level intellect
  • Skilled martial artist
  • Gifted physician and surgeon

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