Steven Rogers (Earth-616)

Steven Rogers (Earth-616)

Captain America by Joe Simon Jack Kirby

Joe Simon, Jack Kirby

Human Mutated
Chris Evans
Captain America
Captain America

Cap-Wolf, The Captain, Nomad, Phoenix, Spider-King
Editorial Names:
Formerly Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America: Man Out of Time, Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier, Captain America: Living Legend
Blondie, Captain Flagpole, Captain World, Flag Boy, Flag-Face, Flag-Man, General Overview, Grampa Steve, Granny, Lord of the Frozen Ice, Man Out of Time, The Man Without a Country, Mister Avenger, Mortal Enemy of HYDRA, Rembrandt, Scourge of All That Is Evil, Shield-Slinger, Stevie, Symbol of Freedom, Winghead, Wing-Tips, World’s Top Cop

Crossbones, Punisher, Yeoman America
Other Aliases:
Anthony Schwarz, The Blue Devil, Brett Hendrick, The Brooklyn Project, Buck Jones, Commander Steve Rogers, Eagle, Expatriate, The First Avenger, He Whose Name Should Not Be Stated Aloud, Kapitan Amerika, The Living legend, Nathan Hale, Roger Grant, Roger Stevens, Sentinel of Liberty, Sky King, Star-Spangled Avenger, Steven Grant Rogers, Steven M. Rogers, Striped Crusader, Subject , Super-Soldier, Weapon I

Avengers (off-field leader)


S.H.I.E.L.D., Avengers Unity Division (founder), Illuminati, Invaders (leader), U.S. Army, Operation Rebirth, Marvel Comics, Secret Avengers (Black Ops Unit) (leader), The Mighty, Captain America Corps, Secret Avengers (Civil War) (leader), New Avengers, Time-Displaced Avengers, Avengers (Heroes Reborn), Agent 13 (partner), Diamondback (partner), Demolition-Man (partner), Secret Defenders, Nomad (partner), Falcon (partner), Rick Jones (partner), Crazy S.U.E.S., Bucky (partner), ally of the Redeemers, Symbiote Hive, Jotunheim Strikeforce, Queen’s Vengeance

Steven Rogers (ancestor, deceased)

Ian (maternal grandfather, presumably deceased)[citation needed]

Joseph Rogers (father, deceased);
Sarah Rogers (mother, deceased)

Unnamed younger brother (deceased)[citation needed]

unborn child (deceased);
Ian Rogers (adopted son)

Other Relatives:
Unnamed symbiote; Carnage (former symbiotes);
Hercules (alleged previous incarnation);
Captain Amerigo (alleged previous incarnation)

6 ft. 2 in
240 lbs.
Human enhanced to the peak of human perfection by a Super-Soldier Serum
Alive; formerly deceased
Manhattan, New York City, New York
Captain America Comics #1 (December, 1940)

We must all live in the real world… and sometimes that world can be pretty grim. But it is the [American] Dream… the hope… that makes the reality worth living. In the early 1940’s, I made a personal pledge to uphold the Dream… And as long as the Dream remains even partially unfulfilled, I cannot abandon it!

Recipient of the Super Soldier serum, World War II hero Steve Rogers fights for American ideals as one of the world’s mightiest heroes and the leader of the Avengers. During World War II, Steve Rogers, a frail man, is transformed into the super-soldier Captain America and must stop the Red Skull (Weaving) from using the Tesseract as an energy source for world domination. Captain America: The First Avenger.

Steve Rogers was a would-be U.S. Army enlistee rejected by recruiters because of his small size. He volunteers to receive a top-secret serum and transforms into a “super-soldier.” Dubbed Captain America and clad in a red, white, and blue costume with a matching stars-and-stripes shield, Rogers joins the army.

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