The Batman

The Batman

March 4, 2022

The British Board of Film Classification determines ratings in the U.K. and deemed The Batman a 15 film because it includes “strong threat” and violence.

Michael Giacchino

Matt Reeves

Warner Bros. Pictures

Robert Pattinson

Zoë Kravitz
Selina Kyle

Paul Dano

Colin Farrell

Jeffrey Wright
James Gordon

Andy Serkis
Alfred Pennyworth

John Turturro
Carmine Falcone

Barry Keoghan
Unseen Arkham Prisoner

Peter Sarsgaard
Gil Colson

Max Carver

Jayme Lawson
Bella Reál

Jay Lycurgo

Alex Ferns
Commissioner Pete Savage

Charlie Carver

Rupert Penry-Jones

Luke Roberts

Iana Saliuk

Elena Saurel
Detective on Phone

Gil Perez-Abraham

Leemore Marrett Jr
Gotham City Cop

Angela Yeoh
Forensic Photographer

Dave Simon
Police Chief Hanrahan

Archie Barnes

Jimmy Star
Funeral Mourner

Mark Killeen

Amy Clare Beales
Special Agent 2

Matthew McConaughey

Amber Sienna

Con O’Neill
Chief Mackenzie Bock

Peter McDonald

J.K. Simmons

Elliot Warren

Ruth Horrocks

Stella Stocker
Martha Wayne

Sid Sagar
Digital Forensics Cop

Ed Kear
Surly Cop

Todd Boyce
Fire Marshall

Obie Matthew
Funeral Mourner

Bern Collaço

Daniel Eghan

Elijah Baker

Rodrig Andrisan
Funeral VIP

Bernardo Santos

Bharat Mistri
Mourner in Black Suit

Juke Hardy

Metin Hassan
VIP Mafia Family

Vic Waghorn
Gotham Fire Chief Sheddon

Heider Ali

Hana Hrzic

Greig Fraser

Batman is called to intervene when the mayor of Gotham City is murdered. Soon, his investigation leads him to uncover a web of corruption, linked to his own dark past.

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