The In Between

The In Between

February 11, 2022

Netflix has acquired the international rights to the Paramount+ Original movie The In Between starring Joey King and is set to release it with Netflix Original branding in April 2022. Releasing on Paramount+ on February 11th, the sci-fi romantic movie was directed by Arie Posin and written by Marc Klein.

Arie Posin

Joey King, Dan Spilo, Robbie Brenner, Andrew Deane

Marc Klein

Joey King

Kyle Allen

Celeste O’Connor

Kim Dickens

John Ortiz

April Parker Jones

Donna Biscoe

Diany Rodriguez

Anna Stadler

Marc Klein

Tessa doesn’t believe she deserves her own love story until she meets Skylar, a true romantic. When a car accident kills Skylar, Tessa searches for answers and thinks that Skylar is trying to connect with her from the afterworld. Tessa tries to contact Skylar one last time so their love story can have the ending it deserves.

“The In-Between” ends with her talking about accepting the ghosts of her life instead of keeping them out and what being happy has come to mean for her. This is the ending of a complicated journey of learning to let love in. During The In Between, Kyle Allen’s Skylar does not survive a car accident and Tessa is left heartbroken and mourning the loss of great love. Throughout the movie, Tessa tries to get in contact with Skylar from the “in between” and by the end, she does get to visit him in the place between life and death.

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