About backwithali Digital designer understood for his situational comedy about the company that usually begins with “that one friend who”. He also publishes about Fortnite, family, and school. Some of his dance trend videos have reached viral. His backwithali TikTok account has amassed 850,000 fans. NamebackwithaliAge33 years oldHeight-Date of BirthJanuary 1, 1989,Marital Status-ProfessionTIKTOK STARBirth PlaceVirginiaNetworth- backwithali Before Fame He started using TikTok in December of the year 2020. He also publishes TikTok stitch and duet videos. One of his most famous TikToks is a comedic video about attending to his own voice in his range. It has amassed over 9 million views. About Family Life He was born in the United States. In July of the year 2022, he published a TikTok set to music by Kevin MacLeod.