Faye Dunaway biography Faye Dunaway is an American actress known for her diverse and iconic roles in film, television, and theater. Here are some key points about Faye Dunaway: Early Life: Dorothy Faye Dunaway was born on January 14, 1941, in Bascom, Florida. She later adopted the stage name Faye Dunaway. Breakthrough Role: Dunaway gained widespread recognition for her role as Bonnie Parker in the classic film “Bonnie and Clyde” (1967). Her performance opposite Warren Beatty earned her critical acclaim. Academy Award Win: She won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role as Diana Christensen in “Network” (1976), solidifying her status as a leading actress. Iconic Roles: Apart from “Bonnie and Clyde” and “Network,” Dunaway starred in numerous iconic films such as “Chinatown” (1974) alongside Jack Nicholson and “The Thomas Crown Affair” (1968) opposite Steve McQueen. Collaboration with Roman Polanski: Dunaway worked with director Roman Polanski on “Chinatown,”…