Mary Eaton biography Mary Eaton was an American actress and singer primarily known for her work during the silent film era and on Broadway. Here’s some information about her: Early Life: Mary Eaton was born on January 29, 1901, in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. Theatrical Family: Mary came from a family with a background in entertainment. Her father was a vaudevillian and her sister, Doris Eaton Travis, was also a famous actress and one of the famed Ziegfeld Follies performers. Broadway Success: Mary Eaton gained fame on Broadway, notably for her role in the Ziegfeld Follies. She appeared in the famous musical revue “Ziegfeld Follies of 1920.” Silent Film Career: She transitioned to silent films and starred in movies such as “The Flapper” (1920) and “The Heart Specialist” (1926). “The Cocoanuts”: Mary Eaton played the female lead in the original Broadway production of “The Cocoanuts” (1925), a musical comedy by Irving…