Kimberly Elise biography Kimberly Elise is an American actress known for her versatile performances in film, television, and theater. Here’s an overview of her biography and some of her notable works: Early Life:Kimberly Elise Trammel was born on April 17, 1967, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. She grew up in a creative family and developed a passion for acting from a young age. Career Highlights:Kimberly Elise’s career has been marked by her powerful performances in various dramatic roles: “Set It Off” (1996): Elise gained recognition for her role as Tisean “T.T.” Williams in this crime thriller film about four friends who turn to bank robbery. “Beloved” (1998): She appeared in this adaptation of Toni Morrison’s novel, starring alongside Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover. “John Q” (2002): Elise played the role of Denise Archibald, the wife of the protagonist portrayed by Denzel Washington, in this drama about a father’s struggle to save…