Fannie Flagg biography Fannie Flagg is an American author, actress, and comedian known for her humorous and heartwarming novels, as well as her contributions to television and film. Born on September 21, 1944, in Birmingham, Alabama, as Patricia Neal, she adopted the pen name “Fannie Flagg” to begin her writing career. Here is a brief biography of Fannie Flagg: Early Life: Fannie Flagg grew up in the small town of Birmingham, Alabama. She had a passion for writing from a young age and started working as a newspaper columnist while still in high school. Acting Career: Flagg pursued an acting career in her early years and gained recognition as a regular cast member on the television show “Candid Camera” in the 1960s. She also made appearances on various game shows and sitcoms. Writing Career: Fannie Flagg’s writing career took off in the 1970s. She published her first novel, “Coming Attractions,”…