Greer Garson biography Greer Garson was a British-American actress known for her elegance, grace, and memorable performances during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Born on September 29, 1904, in Manor Park, London, her career spanned over four decades. Here are some highlights from Greer Garson’s biography: Early Life: Greer Garson was the only child of a wealthy family. She initially studied at King’s College London and later pursued acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). Hollywood Breakthrough: Garson’s breakthrough came with her role as Mrs. Miniver in the film “Mrs. Miniver” (1942). Her portrayal of a resilient British housewife during World War II earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress. Academy Award Success: Garson received a total of seven Academy Award nominations throughout her career, an impressive feat that reflected her acting prowess. Romantic Pairing with Walter Pidgeon: She frequently co-starred with actor Walter Pidgeon, and the…