Alice Ghostley biography Alice Ghostley was an American actress and singer known for her versatile performances on stage, in films, and on television. Here’s a brief overview of her background and career: Early Life: Alice Margaret Ghostley was born on August 14, 1923, in Eve, Missouri, USA. Education: Ghostley studied drama at the University of Oklahoma before pursuing a career in entertainment. Broadway Debut: She made her Broadway debut in the musical “New Faces of 1952” and gained attention for her comedic talents. Theater Career: Ghostley continued to build her reputation as a theater actress with roles in productions such as “The Beauty Part” (1962) and “The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window” (1964). Television Success: She achieved widespread recognition for her television work, notably for her role as Esmeralda on the popular sitcom “Bewitched” (1966–1972). Her character was a clumsy and bumbling witch. Emmy Award: Alice Ghostley won the Primetime…