Peri Gilpin biography Peri Gilpin, born Peri Kay Oldham on May 27, 1961, in Waco, Texas, is an American actress best known for her role as Roz Doyle on the television series “Frasier.” Let’s explore a brief biography: Early Life: Peri Gilpin was born into a family involved in the entertainment industry. Her father, James Franklin Oldham, was a radio announcer, and her mother, Sandra Jo Hauck, was a former actress. Educational Background: Gilpin attended the Dallas Theater Center and pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in acting from the University of Texas at Austin. Theater Career: Before her television success, Peri Gilpin had a background in theater and performed in various stage productions. Early Television Appearances: Gilpin made early appearances on television shows like “Cheers,” where she played different characters before landing her more notable role. Breakthrough Role – “Frasier” (1993–2004): Peri Gilpin achieved widespread recognition and acclaim…