Paulette Goddard biography Paulette Goddard was an American actress known for her beauty, talent, and versatile roles in both silent and sound films. Here’s a glimpse into her background and career: Early Life: Marion Pauline Levy, known professionally as Paulette Goddard, was born on June 3, 1910, in Whitestone Landing, Queens, New York, USA. Early Career: Goddard started her career as a fashion model and later transitioned to acting. She appeared in small roles in films during the silent era. Charlie Chaplin’s Leading Lady: One of her career-defining moments was becoming the leading lady in Charlie Chaplin’s films. She starred opposite Chaplin in “Modern Times” (1936) and later in “The Great Dictator” (1940). Marriages: Paulette Goddard was married three times. Her first husband was Edgar James, and her second husband was the legendary Charlie Chaplin. After divorcing Chaplin, she married actor Burgess Meredith. Acclaimed Performances: Goddard received critical acclaim for…