Ruth Gordon biography Ruth Gordon was an American actress, playwright, and screenwriter, known for her remarkable career in the entertainment industry. Here’s an overview of her background and career: Early Life: Ruth Gordon Jones was born on October 30, 1896, in Quincy, Massachusetts, USA. Early Career: Gordon began her career as a stage actress in the 1910s and quickly gained recognition for her talent and versatility. Marriage to Garson Kanin: In 1928, Ruth Gordon married writer and director Garson Kanin, and their partnership became both personal and professional. They collaborated on various projects throughout their lives. Playwright Success: Gordon achieved success as a playwright with plays like “Years Ago” (1946), which earned her critical acclaim. Acting on Broadway: In addition to her work as a playwright, Gordon had a successful career as a Broadway actress, earning a Tony Award for her role in “The Matchmaker” (1955). Film Career: Gordon transitioned…