Charlotte Greenwood biography Charlotte Greenwood, born on June 25, 1890, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was an American actress and dancer. Here are some key points from her biography: Early Life and Introduction to Theater: Charlotte Greenwood was born into a family with a background in vaudeville. She began her career in entertainment as a dancer in various stage productions. Broadway Success: Greenwood achieved success on Broadway, particularly in musical comedies. Her talents as a dancer and comedian made her a popular figure in the New York theater scene. Film Debut: Charlotte Greenwood transitioned to silent films in the 1910s. One of her earliest film appearances was in “Cowboy in the Moon” (1919). Famous for High Kicks: Greenwood became known for her high kicks, and her distinctive physical comedy style set her apart in the entertainment industry. Breakthrough in “So Long Letty”: Her breakthrough in film came with the role of Letty…