Sara Haden biography Sara Haden, born Catherine Haden on November 17, 1899, in Galveston, Texas, was an American character actress. Let’s delve into her biography: Early Life: Sara Haden was born into a prominent theatrical family. Her father, Walter Haden, was a stage actor, and her mother, Charlotte Walker, was a well-known actress. Hollywood Family: Sara Haden was the niece of legendary actress and producer Mary Pickford. Growing up in a family deeply connected to the entertainment industry, she was exposed to the world of acting from an early age. Career Beginnings: Haden started her acting career in the silent film era during the 1920s, appearing in films like “The Belle of Broadway” (1926) and “The Blue Eagle” (1926). Transition to Sound Era: Sara successfully transitioned to the sound era of filmmaking, showcasing her adaptability as an actress. She often played supporting roles, known for her versatility in both comedic…