Hallie Eisenberg biography Hallie Eisenberg is an American former child actress who gained recognition for her roles in films and television during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Here’s an overview of her biography and some of her notable works: Early Life:Hallie Kate Eisenberg was born on August 2, 1992, in East Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. She is the younger sister of actor Jesse Eisenberg, known for his roles in films like “The Social Network” and “Zombieland.” Career Highlights:Hallie Eisenberg rose to prominence in the late 1990s with a series of well-received performances: “Pepsi Girl” Commercials: One of her earliest and most recognizable roles was as the “Pepsi Girl” in a series of popular commercials for PepsiCo during the late 1990s. Her cute and charismatic appearances in these ads contributed to her initial fame. “Paulie” (1998): Eisenberg played the role of Marie Alweather in this family-friendly film about a talking…