About Courtney Lee Hewitt Became a viral sensation when she published as a 25-year-old mother a lap dance with her teenage son. Her video reached viral before she fixed her mistake and labeled him her stepson, but her following exploded. Her courtneyleehewitt TikTok account has 400,000 supporters. NameCourtney Lee HewittAge26 years oldHeight-Date of BirthMay 29, 1996,Marital Status-ProfessionTIKTOK STARBirth PlaceUnited StatesNetworth- Courtney Lee Hewitt Before Fame She prided herself on being a young mother. She has published the notoriety that was mystifying to her, before and after. Started being a mother has been her greatest joy, and also She labeled her son her “Bonus Son” in her infamous rap dance video with him. She answered followers’ confusion by presenting she suggested her stepson. About Family Life, She is wedded and has two children, and also features them in her down-home videos traveling to family outings. They sing and comically bicker as…