Jeanne Eagels biography Jeanne Eagels was an American stage and film actress known for her talent, beauty, and charismatic presence. Here’s some information about her: Early Life: Jeanne Eagels was born Amelia Jean Eagles on June 26, 1890, in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Theater Career: Eagels gained recognition and acclaim for her performances on the Broadway stage. She starred in numerous plays, including “Rain,” “The Letter,” and “Her Cardboard Lover.” Film Debut: Eagels made her film debut in the silent film “The World and the Woman” (1916), which was based on her own stage success. “Rain”: One of her most famous roles was Sadie Thompson in the stage play “Rain,” which she later reprised in both film and radio adaptations. Her performance was praised for its emotional depth. Hollywood Success: Eagels became a successful actress in the early years of Hollywood, starring in films such as “Man, Woman and Sin”…