Jenilee Harrison biography Jenilee Harrison is an American actress and model, born on June 12, 1958, in Northridge, California. She gained recognition for her roles on popular television shows in the 1980s. Here are some key points from Jenilee Harrison’s biography: Early Life and Education: Jenilee Harrison attended UCLA, where she studied theater and psychology. Pageant Success: Before her acting career, Harrison was crowned Miss Young America in 1978. “Three’s Company”: Jenilee Harrison is perhaps best known for her role as Cindy Snow on the hit sitcom “Three’s Company.” She joined the cast in the later seasons of the show (1980–1982). Post-“Three’s Company” Career: After leaving “Three’s Company,” Harrison continued her acting career with appearances in various television shows, including “Dallas,” “The Love Boat,” and “Fame.” Film Roles: Harrison appeared in a few films during her career, such as “Tank” (1984) starring James Garner and “Curse II: The Bite” (1989).…