May 1


About Jak Piggott Quick form content developer on TikTok who grew to notoriety through the use of his jak.piggott account. He transfers videos pertaining to mental health and developing optimistic mindsets. He has more than 800,000 supporters on the platform. NameJak PiggottAge16 years oldHeight-Date of BirthMay 1, 2006,Marital Status-ProfessionTIKTOK STARBirth PlaceAustraliaNetworth- Jak Piggott Before Fame He started publishing content on TikTok in the early year 2021. His first videos are moving workout videos. In May of 2022, his “Confidence is just a consideration of self-worth. Go watch my other videos if you like a more in-depth explanation” video went viral with better than 1.5 million views. Outside of TikTok, he also shows one on one coaching on Instagram. About Family Life He was born in Australia, He has completed TikToks set to Kanye West instrumentals.