Early Life and Career of Lee Meriwether Lee Meriwether is a name that may not be as well-known as some of the other Hollywood legends, but her contributions to the entertainment industry are certainly noteworthy. Born on May 27, 1935, in Los Angeles, California, Meriwether’s early life was filled with promise and potential. Growing up in a family that valued education and the arts, Meriwether was encouraged to pursue her passions from a young age. She attended George Washington High School, where she excelled academically and participated in various extracurricular activities. It was during this time that she discovered her love for acting and performing. After graduating high school, Meriwether went on to study theater arts at San Francisco City College. This was a pivotal time in her life, as she honed her acting skills and gained valuable experience on stage. She quickly became known for her talent and versatility,…