Mildred Dunnock biography Mildred Dunnock was an American actress known for her extensive and diverse career in film, television, and theater. She was particularly acclaimed for her performances on the stage and in character roles on screen. Here are some key points about Mildred Dunnock: Early Life: Mildred Dunnock was born on January 25, 1901, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Stage Success: She began her acting career on the stage and gained recognition for her roles in theater productions, earning praise for her versatility and skill. Broadway Debut: Dunnock made her Broadway debut in 1924 in the play “Up Pops the Devil.” “Death of a Salesman”: One of her most notable stage roles was as Linda Loman in Arthur Miller’s iconic play “Death of a Salesman.” Her performance on stage earned her a Tony Award nomination. Film Roles: Mildred Dunnock appeared in numerous films, often in supporting and character roles. Some…