About Omziscool Minecraft content developer is understood for his self-titled TikTok performance which has amassed over 800,000 supporters. His TikToks consist of him flying parkour in Minecraft while reacting to fans’ comments. On his YouTube channel, he publishes more extended videos, usually involving a sort of escape challenge. NameOmziscoolAge-Height-Date of BirthAugust 5Marital Status-ProfessionTIKTOK STARBirth PlaceUnited StatesNetworth- Omziscool Before Fame He published his first video in July in the year 2021. In February in the year 2022, he posted a YouTube video titled “If I Die Minecraft Gets More Realistic” in which the game’s textures become more increased answer every time he died. It has acquired over 3.3 million views. About Family Life He has a dog and a pet hamster, and He and PewDiePie are both Minecraft YouTube stars.