Rachael Harris biography Rachael Harris is an American actress and comedian born on January 12, 1968, in Worthington, Ohio. She has gained recognition for her versatile performances in both comedic and dramatic roles. Here are some key points from Rachael Harris’s biography: Early Life and Education: Rachael Elaine Harris attended Worthington High School and later graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Otterbein College in Westerville, Ohio. Early Career: Harris began her career in the entertainment industry with improvisational comedy, performing with the Groundlings in Los Angeles. Her early career included appearances on various television shows, including “Friends,” “Reno 911!,” and “The West Wing.” Film Career: Rachael Harris has appeared in numerous films, showcasing her comedic talents. Some of her notable film credits include “The Hangover” (as Melissa, Ed Helms’s character’s girlfriend), “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” and “Natural Selection.” Television Roles: Harris has been a recurring presence on…