Ruby Dee was an American actress, poet, playwright, and civil rights activist. She was born on October 27, 1922, in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Ruby Dee was known for her talent, intelligence, and strong presence both on stage and screen. She was one of the most prominent African-American actresses and social activists of her time. Dee began her career in the 1940s and quickly became a respected figure in theater, film, and television. She was known for her powerful performances and her commitment to social justice issues. In the 1950s, Ruby Dee starred in the Broadway production of “A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry, which marked a significant moment in American theater history. The play focused on the struggles of an African-American family and became a groundbreaking success. In addition to her work in theater, Ruby Dee had a successful film career. Some of her notable film roles include…