Melissa De Sousa biography Melissa De Sousa is an American actress known for her work in both film and television. She has appeared in various notable projects. Here are some key points about her: “The Best Man” Franchise: Melissa De Sousa is perhaps best known for her role as Shelby in the romantic comedy film “The Best Man” (1999) and its sequel, “The Best Man Holiday” (2013). Her character is known for her sassy and outspoken personality. “The Best Man” Spin-off: In 2020, it was announced that there would be a spin-off series of “The Best Man” films, titled “The Best Man: Final Chapters,” and Melissa De Sousa was set to reprise her role as Shelby. Early Career: Melissa De Sousa began her acting career in the 1990s and has since appeared in a variety of television shows and movies. “Miss Congeniality”: She had a supporting role in the popular…