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About Abner Ramirez

Pop singer recognized for work as a member of the duo, Johnnyswim, consisting of him and his wife, Amanda Sudano. Famous songs of his include, “Ring The Bells”, “First Try”, and “Take The World”. Their music incorporates aspects of folk, soul, and rock.

NameAbner Ramirez
Date of BirthApril 29
Marital Status
ProfessionPOP SINGER
Birth PlaceFlorida

Abner Ramirez Before Fame

He learned music at the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. 

He and his wife started writing music together in the spring of the year 2006. The source of his group’s reputation has never been exposed and has been thought to originate from sources running from Jaws to his wife’s fish, which was called Johnny. He gained an acceptance deal with the guitar company, Gretsch.

About Family Life

He and his wife, Amanda, have three children. Donna Summer is his mother-in-law. 


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