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About Glover Yawn IV

High school football athlete and influencer are understood for his star space at Cleveland High School in Tennessee. His gloveryawn TikTok account has 300,000 followers. He uploads lip sync, comic skits, dance and duet videos, and football photos.

NameGlover Yawn IV
Age17 years old
Date of BirthApril 5, 2005,
Marital Status
Birth PlaceSarasota, FL

Glover Yawn IV Before Fame

He first recreated football in the 8th grade wearing jersey number 5.

He has recreated offensive driving back and defensive cornerback. He has been numeral 22 on his team’s roster. His nickname is The Actual Vice President.

About Family Life

He adores dogs and saves many positions by retweeting cute canine pet photos.  

His early recognition in varsity football as a running back is equal to that provided to high school player turned pro-Jaylon Smith. He gained fame alongside his friend Caden Outlaw, who is also famous on TikTok and occurred in some of Glover’s earliest videos. ImDontai has responded to his range on his YouTube channel. 


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