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About JillianTubeHD

The young phenomenon on YouTube with 1.7 million subscribers on her own channel titled Jillian’s Mystery Box of Craft. Her channel is full of challenges, vlogs, and toy reviews. She has also occurred on the channel of her brother, EvanTubeHD, EvanTube’s Dollar Toy Squad. 

Age13 years old
Date of BirthOctober 3, 2008,
Marital Status
Birth PlacePennsylvania

JillianTubeHD Before Fame

She was first introduced as JillianTubeHD on her brother’s channel in April of 2012, almost a full year before she got her own channel, and also The video was called “JillianTubeHD presents Female Angry Birds Sculpey Clay Models.” and also She is a pianist and has achieved piano recitals.

About Family Life,

She is their younger sister of Evan and they are from Pennsylvania.

She and her brother are famous on YouTube like Skylander Girl and Skylander Boy.

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