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About Robert Irwin

Robert Irwin is an accomplished Australian wildlife photographer and conservationist. Born on December 1, 2003, he is the son of the legendary late Steve Irwin, better known as the “Crocodile Hunter.” Following in his father’s footsteps, Robert developed a deep love and passion for wildlife from a young age. He has dedicated his life to continuing his father’s conservation work, educating and inspiring others about the beauty and importance of wildlife and the environment. Robert’s photography captures the essence of animals in their natural habitats, showcasing their unique behaviors and the stunning landscapes they inhabit. With his infectious enthusiasm and unwavering commitment, Robert Irwin is a remarkable advocate for wildlife preservation and a role model for future generations.

Son of the late Steve Irwin and Terri Irwin who achieved a Logie Award in the year 2013 for his position in his father’s series Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors. 

NameRobert Irwin
Age18 years old
Date of BirthDecember 1, 2003,
Marital Status
Birth PlaceBuderim, Australia

Robert Irwin Before Fame

Before fame, Robert Irwin was just a young boy with a deep love and fascination for wildlife and conservation. Growing up in Australia, he was exposed to the wonders of the natural world from an early age, thanks to his famous parents, Steve and Terri Irwin. Robert’s passion for animals was nurtured by his parents’ dedication to wildlife preservation through their renowned Australia Zoo. Even as a child, he displayed an incredible knowledge and understanding of various species, which he eagerly shared with anyone who would listen. With his infectious enthusiasm and captivating personality, it was clear that Robert was destined to follow in his parents’ footsteps and become a beloved figure in the world of wildlife conservation.

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When he was 4 weeks old, his father maintained him up beside a saltwater crocodile, flashing a good deal of discussion. He and his family also had their existing show named Crikey! It’s the Irwins. 

About Family Life of Robert Irwin

Robert Irwin is a renowned Australian television personality and wildlife photographer. Born on December 1, 2003, he comes from a family with a deep passion for wildlife conservation and nature. Robert is the son of the late Steve Irwin, known as the Crocodile Hunter, and Terri Irwin, who continue their work at the Australia Zoo. Growing up in a family dedicated to wildlife preservation, Robert has been immersed in the world of animals from a young age. His parents have instilled in him a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment and a love for all creatures. As a result, Robert has been actively involved in the family business, appearing on various wildlife-themed TV shows and documentaries. The Irwin family’s strong bond and shared commitment to conservation have shaped Robert’s upbringing, making him a prominent figure in the world of wildlife advocacy.

He was born in Buderim, Queensland, Australia. His father Steve Irwin was understood as the Crocodile Hunter. His older sister is Bindi Irwin. His mother Terri Irwin became understood for her activism, evolving into an honorary fellow in the Order of Australia.

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